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Bible Toolbox Help Information

How to do a search?

  • Step 1:  Look for a box that looks like this

    Enter verse (example: 1 John 1:3-7)

Type in a Bible verse in the box.  It accepts all 66 books of the Bible.  You can type either the full name like 1 Corinthians or just part of it 1Corin, it does not matter.  If you wanted to find 1 Corinthians 13:3 you would just type in 1 Corinthians 13:3, it's that easy.

  • Step 2: Choose a Bible version to look it up in, this part looks sort of like this....

Most Poplular
NIV , New International Version
KJVs King James (with Strong's Concordance)
NKJV , New King James Version
NASB , New American Standard Bible
NLT , New Living Translation
Multiple (NIV, RSV, KJV, DBY, YLT)

To pick a version, just click on that little circle thing beside the one you want.  (It looks like )

  • Step 3: Click on the Search button, it looks like and is near the top of the screen right by where you typed the Bible verse in.  If you have done the above 2 steps you can press this one here and do your first search.  As soon as you do the program will figure out where that resource is on the web and it will open a new "window" and show the passage you wanted (all your results from now on will appear in that window if you are looking for them)

Other stuff.

This is the menu bar where you can pick what kind of tools that you want to use

  • Look up verse - This is where you go if you want to look up a passage from the Bible

  • Do word study - This is where you go if you want to study a word (ex. grace).  You can choose either to look and see where it appears in the Bible, or what some topical guides say about it, or what web pages are about it, or what ancient Christians writters have said about it

  • Greek Study - This is a bunch of resources for all levels of Greek students in order to look up a verse or word in Greek

  • Commentaries- After you have studied your passage or topic for some time you can look at what others have said.  You can type either the passage or topic in most cases and it will find it for you.

  • Illustrations - If you are preparing a sermon or lesson you might want some illustrations to help make things clearer.  You will find a collection of those here.


Advanced Stuff:

Tip #1 - On the verse look-up screen you can also type in a topic to search for.  This will enable you to search through more versions of the Bible and have to change screens less.

Tip #2 - Don't bother typing in the full book name, just type in enough letters so the program can figure out which one you mean.   Spaces don't matter either. (Except for songofsongs which has none) So 1cr will give you 1 Chronicles.  Standard abbreviations are accepted aswell.

Tip #3 - Add the toolbox to your home page so you can quickly find the verse you are looking for.  See

Tip #4 - Write your own Bible resources .   If you need help writting them I have made some tools to make it much quicker.   See